ORCID and Publishing

How can you make the publishing process easier for your authors, editors, and reviewers and still collect clean and authoritative data? Embedding ORCID iDs in your workflows can help publishers and associations streamline your processes, improve the management of CRM and other people databases, and improve discoverability

Importantly, you can play your part in building a trusted research information infrastructure by asserting the connection between your researchers and their publications and other contributions. Here are the basic steps:

  • Authenticate validated Authenticate ORCID iDs for authors and reviewers -- ensure they sign in to ORCID via OAuth to validate their iD before it is connected with their contributions
  • Display iDs in your data systems, webpages, and pdfs -- and in metadata -- to signal the value of using ORCID iDs and improve discoverability
  • Connect ORCID iD-workID assertions to authors’ ORCID records, making it easy for researchers to share this trusted information with other systems and profiles
  • Collect information from researchers’ ORCID records and pre-populate their accounts in your manuscript submission system to streamline and standardize workflows
  • Synchronize your system with ORCID to save your researchers time and improve information flow with the other systems and platforms they use

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Major publishers have signed an open letter, committing their organization to require ORCID iDs and to meet our best practices. Please see:

A successful integration takes more than just technical know-how. Communication with researchers and other stakeholders is key to gaining support.

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