1.2 XML for funding (archive)

This guide is an archived document related to the 1.2 version of the ORCID Message Schema, which is no longer supported by ORCID. The current supported version is 2.0 documentation. Go to the document for the 2.0 Message Schema.


<funding-list> cannot be repeated, it servers as a container for the repeatable <funding> tag.  <funding> can include the following fields

  • <type> The type of funding, select from award, contract, grant, salary-award. This field is required.
  • <funding-title> A container tag for the title tags giving the title of the funding <title> is required under <funding-title>
  • <short-description> A brief description of the funding.
  • <amount> A numerical value for the amount of the award, the currency of the award should be given using the attribute "currency-code." This field is required.
  • <url> A link to the funding or funding output (appears in the user interface under "Alternate URL")
  • <start-date> The date the funding began, given to any level of specificity with the tags <year> <month> <date>.
  • <end-date> The date funding ended or will end, given to any level of specificity with the tags <year> <month> <date>.
  • <funding-external-identifiers> A non-repeatable container for identifiers of the funding. This field is required.
  • <funding-external-identifier> A container tag for one unique identifier linked to the funding. This field can be repeated and is required at least once.
  • <funding-external-identifier-type> Currently only grant_number is allowed.
  • <funding-external-identifier-value> The unique identifier itself.
  • <funding-external-identifier-url> An external link to information about the funding link using the unique identifier.
  • <funding-contributors> a non-repeatable container for information about the recipients of the funding.
  • <funding-contributor> a container for information about each recipient of the funding.
  • <contributor-orcid> a container for information about the contributors ORCID iD, express in the child elements <uri>, <path> and <host>.
  • <credit-name> name of the recipient of the funding.
  • <contributor-email> email address of the contributor, if known.
  • <funding-contributor-attributes> a container for information about the recipient's relationship to the funding.
  • <funding-contributor-role> the recipient's role in relation to the funding. role in this funding. The options are lead and co-lead for individuals who applied for and received the funding, supported-by for individuals employed by the funding, or other-contribution.
  • <organization> a container for elements describing the organization which awarded the funding
  • <name> The name of the parent organization which awarded the funding. This field is required.
  • <address> Contains the tags <city>, <region>, and <country> for the location of the funding agency. <country> should be filed out with a two-letter country code (ISO 3166). The <city> and <country> tags are required.
  •  <disambiguated-organization> a tag container tag for information distinguishing the funding agency.
  • <disambiguated-organization-identifier> A unique identifier for the organization.
  • <disambiguation-source> The source of the identifier used in <disambiguated-organization-identifier>.  ORCID currently supports FundRef identifiers for funding organizations.