Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Workflow

This workflow describes how to Integrate ORCID identifiers into the electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) process. The integration can take place at the point of deposit/submission, through the institution’s ETD submission and management system

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Workflow Steps

  1. Get Author's ORCID iD & ORCID Record Read/Write Permission
  2. Display the Author's ORCID iD in Your ETD System
  3. Populate the Author's ORCID Record with Information from your ETD System

1. Get author's ORCID iD & read/write permission

The first step to incorporating ORCID into your repository system is collecting users' authenticated ORCID iDs permission to read from/write to their ORCID records. You can do this by offering ORCID as a sign-in option (see: Member flow: Sign in using ORCID credentials), or by allowing users to connect their ORCID account from within your system.

To complete this process:

1. On your ETD submission process, provide a button/link which prompts the author to connect his/her ORCID record.


2. Configure this button/link to request permission to read from and write to the author's research activities via the ORCID API.

3. Upon clicking the button/link, the author should be prompted to sign into his/her ORCID account, or create a new account.

Tip: This screen is designed to be opened in a pop-up window - see our guidelines for presenting the ORCID login screen


4. After clicking Authorize, the user is sent back to the ETD submission and an authorization code is sent to your system via HTTP.

5. Immediately exchange the authorization code for the user's ORCID iD and an access token which will allow you to read from and write to the author's research activities. (This exchange should occur within 10 minutes at least. The auth code will expire within 24 hours.)

6. Store the author's ORCID iD and the access token in your system.

2. Display the author's ORCID iD in your ETD system

  1. Display the author's ORCID iD in your system for accessing ETDs, formatted as a URL, as per our iD Display Guidelines.

3. Populate the author's ORCID record with information from the ETD system

Information from your ETD system can be used to populate the researchers ORCID recors. Adding information to ORCID records involves sending XML or JSON data to the ORCID registry using the ORCID API. Doing this requires that you've collected ORCID iDs and read/write permissions from the authors whose ORCID records you'd like to edit by following the steps described above.

  1. Once the ETD has been accepted, use the ORCID iD and access token that you've stored to post information about the ETD to the author's ORCID record. For more information see:
    • Tutorial: Add Activities (Works, Funding, Affiliations or External IDs)
    • XML for ORCID Works