Create ORCID Records On-demand


Research organizations looking to promote ORCID adoption among their faculty, staff or students can do so by setting up a facilitated "Create-on-Demand" process. Create-on-Demand is a flexible option that allows users to create a new record at any time, and to grant your system access to read from/write to their record (via the API) as part of the process. Users who already have an ORCID iD can use the same process to send their existing iD to your system and grant your system read/write access.

Create-on-demand workflow steps

  1. Prompt users to create or connect an ORCID iD
  2. Obtain & store iDs and access tokens
  3. Add information to/retrieve information from ORCID Records

Prompt users to create or connect an ORCID iD

  1. Send users an email or create a web page explaining what ORCID is and provide a button/link to create a new iD or connect an existing iD using the ORCID API. Configure the URL for this button/link to include information about the read/write permissions you'd like to request from users ("scopes").
  2. Users are taken to the ORCID registration/sign-in form, where they complete the form to create a new record and grant your system read/write permissions. Users who already have an ORCID iD can click the Sign In link to complete only the permission-granting step.

    Tip: You can streamline the process by pre-filling the registration form with name/email information - the user just needs to set a password and agree to the ORCID terms of use. See Customize the user experience to learn how.


Obtain & store iDs and access tokens

  1. After clicking Authorize, a new record is created and the user is directed to a page on your site ("redirect URI") that you specify when you register for client credentials. An authorization code, which can be exchanged for an access token, is added to the end of the redirect URI by the ORCID API (the state parameter can also be returned with the authorization code to identify the user).

    Redirect Message

  2. Configure your system to capture the authorization code whenever a user visits the redirect URI.

    Authorization Code

  3. Immediately exchange the authorization code for the user's ORCID iD and an access token which will allow you to read from and write to the user's record. (This exchange should occur within 10 minutes at least. The auth code will expire within 24 hours.)
  4. Store the user's ORCID iD and the access token in your system.

    Store access token

Add information to/read information from ORCID Records

  1. Add employmentUse the ORCID iDs and access tokens that you've stored to post information from your system, such as institutional affiliation, biography, publications or funding items, to users' ORCID records.
  2. Use the ORCID iD and access token that you've stored to read the user's ORCID record and populate your system with ORCID record information.