Support for ORCID in Repository Systems


DSpace 5.x+ allows ORCID to be used as an Authority Control for repositories; note that it does not disambiguate between authors in the DSpace system. More information from Duraspace. Additional documentation on the authority control issue from Stellenbosch University

If you use DSpace 5.x, we strongly recommend that you create a system which sits between DSpace and ORCID. Examples: 


ImportFromORCID, an ePrints plugin, uses the ORCID Public API to import an author’s works from their ORCID record to the ePrints repository.

[update: 2016 Dec] ePrints and JISC are openly accepting comments on a specification on how to better integrate ORCID and ePrints. See also the 2016 EPrints and ORCID integration survey

Hydra/Fedora (DuraSpace)

A plugin developed by the University of Notre Dame allows ORCID members to link the ORCID Registry with a Hydra application. The open source code and installation guide are available at

Related: A presentation recording about how the integration works is available from DuraSpace.

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