We do our best to provide descriptive error messages in our Registry and API. Here are some tips to help you out with any errors you may encounter.

API error

We updated our API error codes in v2.0 to include descriptive messages that should be easily understandable. Consult our list of error codes for more information.

XML/JSON formatting errors

If you're having trouble with formatting the data you are trying to add or update on an ORCID record, we recommend consulting examples by:

Scopes errors

Getting an error about scopes? Your API client may not have the access to them -- check our list of scopes and the API that can access them to find out

Registry error messages

Generally your users will only encounter a few API-related errors when authorizing a connection with your application:

Bad redirect URI

Redirect URI doesn't match your registered redirect URIs.

This error message is an indication that your authorization link specifies a redirect URI that you have not registered in your API client credentials. If you are using the public API, you can fix this yourself in your Developer Tools. If you are using the Member API, you'll need to have the ORCID team fix it by submitting a new redirect URI request on the client credentials application or contacting us directly.

Bad link to OAuth authorization form

The page requested cannot be found. If you have this page bookmarked, please delete it. If you have followed a link, please report it.

This error tends to occur when the OAuth authorization link is improperly formed, e.g.[....] instead of[...]. To resolve, simply correct the link.

Non-descriptive message

There has been a problem with the server. If this problem persists, please contact support.

This error most often occurs when no scope is specified. You must include a scope on the OAuth authorization link; the minimum scope is /authenticate. A full list of scopes is available in the ORCID GitHub repository.

Check if ORCID is working

If you think the error is a problem with the ORCID Servers you can check at

Note that the ORCID Sandbox does not have a service-level agreement and may be down for 20 minute time periods when releasing code updates.

Getting help

We're always happy to help! ORCID member organizations can get support from ORCID directly.

All integrators are also encouraged to join the ORCID API Users Group, where you can communicate with other integrators and API users, as well as the ORCID team.