Organization Identifiers in ORCID

ORCID supports the use of persistent identifiers for organizations in the affiliations and funding sections of the ORCID record. 

See Write, update, and delete affiliation items for more information.


Organization identifiers in affiliation activities

Researchers may add information about their affiliations (employment, education & qualifications, membership & service, invited positions & distinctions) to their ORCID records. As a member, you can help them assert their affiliation with your organization. Affiliations must include your organization’s name and address as well as a unique identifier to disambiguate it. Currently, ORCID supports the use of  GRID identifiers, Ringgold organization identifiers, Legal Entity identifiers (LEIs) and Crossref Funder Registry identifiers to disambiguate organizations in the affiliations section of ORCID records.  When you add an affiliation to a researcher's record using our API, you can choose which of these supported organization identifiers to use. 

Researchers who add an affiliation manually to their ORCID record are prompted to select their organization from a pick-list, which is then linked with a Ringgold identifier, GRID identifier (after October 2017), LEI, or Crossref Funder Registry identifier automatically. 

In both cases, we recommend that the parent organization (and not the division or department) is selected as the affiliation. Department and title information can be added in a separate field.

Determining your Identifier

Search for a single identifier

Note, for the best results, please use the full name of the organization you’re searching for, rather than abbreviations or acronyms. 

  • Ringgold provides a free search (registration required) for looking up identifiers. The main organization name will be recorded in its native language. 
  • GRID also provides a free search (no registration required) for finding identifiers. 
  • LEI also provides a free search tool  (no registration required) for looking up LEIs. 
  • Crossref Funder Registry identifiers can be located in their freely downloadable file. 


Organization identifiers in funding activities

When you add a funding activity to a researcher's record via the API, you must include one of the supported organization identifiers.

Researchers who add their funding activities manually to their ORCID record are prompted to select their funder from a pick-list, which enables it to be linked with its Crossref Funder Registry identifier automatically.

Peer review

Organization identifiers in peer review

Information about a researcher's peer review activities can only be added via the ORCID API. An organization identifier is required for the convening organization (the organization which organized the review - a journal publisher, conference organizer, funding agency, faculty, etc). Whenever possible, this should be a Ringgold, GRID, LEI or Crossref Funder Registry identifier. 

Updating organizational information

Since all data about organizations including in ORCID records is maintained by Ringgold,Crossref, GRID or LEI, please report any updates or corrections to the information about an organization directly to them in the first instance.