API Error Codes

This list is provided to help API developers resolve issues they may encounter. For additional help please contact https://orcid.org/help/contact-us.

Error Code Message Possible Solution
301 Moved Permanently This ORCID iD has been deprecated into another, see the location returned for the updated ORCID iD if you are not automatically forwarded
302   Check that you are making a call to the api url not the web interface. The URL should start http://api.sandbox.orcid.org
400 Bad Request Check XML headers
400 Bad Request /  Value * is not facet-valid with respect to enumeration Check that the version specified in the XML header and URL match
400 Content is not allowed in prolog Ensure that you are pointing to the correct file
400 Premature end of file Check the URL to which you are posting
400 Exception: unexpected element Ensure that your XML is valid
400 User with this email already exists One of the email addresses included in your XML is already associated with a user in the Registry
400 There must be a least one email in the new profile You must include an email address when creating a new ORCID Record.
400 Cannot create ORCID org.hibernate.TransientObjectException: object references an unsaved transient instance Ensure that you have correct and consistent ORCID iDs throughout the XML, including in sub-elements, such as works source
400 The client application made a bad request to the ORCID API. Full validation error: The rows parameter must be an integer between 0 and 1,000" Check your starting point and number of rows required. 
400 Invalid incoming message: Check your XML, make sure required fields are completed.
401 Unauthorized Check the syntax of your call, particularly around the client-id
401 Access token expired Your access token has expired or been revoked, you will need to ask for access again.
401 Client not found Ensure that your client iD is correct
401 Bad client credentials Ensure that your client secret is correct
401 Invalid access token Ensure that the access token used for the call is complete, matched to the ORCID iD and scope of the call, and is not expired
403 Forbidden / Illegal state... Check the ORCID iDs of any contributors being added with the work
403 HTML error message Check the syntax of your call, an extra space or missing character may be preventing the system from recognizing this as an API request.
403 Security problem : Insufficient or wrong scope Check that the access token has permission for the action you are taking and that you are using the correct end-point and method.
403 Security problem: You do not have the required permissions. Ensure that you have been granted permission to access the requested ORCID iD
403 Access Denied Check the URL of the request
404 ORCID ... not found Check that the ORCID iD is correct and is claimed. Records that were created in the last 10 days and are not yet claimed will return this error
405 Method Not Allowed Ensure that the scope of your authorization token matches the call you are making, and that you are posting to the Member API base URL (i.e., api.sandbox.orcid.org)
406 Not Acceptable Check the header you are using. It should be either 'Accept: application/xml' or 'Accept: application/json' It also must match the content type header if provided.
409 Access Denied; Account locked : The given account ... is locked This record was flagged as violating ORCID's Terms of Use and has been hidden from public view.
413 Request Entity Too Large  
415 Unsupported Media Type Check your call you may be missing a header or another command that is causing the file to be misinterpreted.
500 Invalid authorization code Ensure that your authorization code is accurate and not expired
500 An authorization code must be supplied Ensure that your authorization code is included in the call
500 Internal Server Error Ensure that that your XML is valid and that any ORCID records you reference in the file are valid
500 Redirect URI mismatch. Check that the redirect_uri in the request for the authorization code matches the redirect_uri used when exchanging the authorization code for an access token
500 Invalid authorization code Check that the authorization code has not already been exchanged for an access token, authorization codes can only be used once
500 Invalid scope: /webhook Your credentials are not authorized to create webhooks. Webhooks are available only to premium members, if you are a premium member contact support@orcid.org to correct this problem
500 org.hibernate.exception.DataException: could not execute statement Something that you are posting doesn't comply with field restrictions, check that fields don't exceed character limits, urls are properly formatted, etc.
  Unable to find org.orcid.persistence.jpa.entities.ProfileEntity with id Ensure that you have correct and consistent ORCID iDs throughout the XML, including in sub-elements, such as works source
  Could not resolve host: Bearer; nodename nor servname provided, or not known Check the syntax of your request
  NonUniqueObjectException: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session The file you are posting has already been added to this record.