Verified email address now required to edit records in the UI

We announced to members and users in late March that a verified email address will be required to access all the features on the user interface of ORCID records. The requirement went live on April 20, 2017.

This change does not affect calls made using the ORCID APIs, but anyone testing manual editing features on the ORCID Sandbox may run into this requirement. As with the Production Registry, a verified primary email address is required to access all the features of an account on Sandbox. The ORCID Sandbox only sends emails to addresses, including the message with the link to verify an email address. For anyone who needs to test a record with a verified email address on Sandbox, please use a address as your primary address – you can also add other addresses as secondary addresses. If you require further assistance, contact us directly.

For more information on verifying email addresses, see our user KnowledgeBase.