Introduction to the ORCID Public API

ORCID offers a Public API (Application Programming Interface) that allows organizations that are not ORCID members to connect their systems and applications to the ORCID registry with machine-to-machine communication.

Using the Public API, your system or application can:

  • Allow users to sign in to your system with their ORCID username and password
  • Get a user’s authenticated ORCID iD
  • Retrieve a machine-readable version (JSON or XML) of a user’s public ORCID record
  • Perform a machine-generated search of the ORCID registry

The Public API is one of two APIs that ORCID provides - the other, the Member API, offers additional functions (such as the ability to add information to ORCID records) to organizations that financially support ORCID with an annual membership subscription. Learn more about the differences between the Public and Member APIs .

About the Public API

ORCID Public and Member APIs are RESTful, and use OAuth 2.0, a well-established, standard protocol for user-based permissions.


The ORCID APIs are RESTful in that they use a base URL, along with standard HTTP methods to exchange data. For a reference to the HTTP calls used in the ORCID APIs, see the ORCID API Calls  (Note: This guide includes calls for all ORCID APIs - only methods with "Public API" listed in the API Version column are available in the Public API)

If you're new to REST, you may want to watch the video What is REST? and other tutorials available from .

OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 is an authorization protocol which is used in many web applications. For more information about how ORCID APIs use OAuth, look over the these documents:

We've also set up the Public API to allow easy testing with the Google OAuth Playground, a simple user interface for testing OAuth calls. See Introduction to the ORCID API with the Google OAuth Playground .

If you're new to OAuth, we recommend the sites below for a general introduction to OAuth 2.0:

Accessing the Public API

Using the Public API requires a set of credentials consisting of a Client ID and a Client Secret. You can configure credentials for the Public API from your personal ORCID account - to learn how, see Accessing the ORCID Public API.

Using the Public API

The Public API can be used for the following functions:

Getting Help with the Public API

The Public API is offered as a free service, and personalized support is not available. For help using the Public API we offer:

ORCID Members are eligible for email and teleconference support. Learn more about ORCID membership .

For examples of the Public API in use see:

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