Explore the APIs

In real-world situations, API interactions are completed by your system using a programming language such as PHP, Java, or Ruby on Rails. For practice and testing, you can interact with the ORCID APIs using a range of tools capable of making and receiving HTTP requests. Most desktop HTTP tools are run in the command line; for those who prefer a graphical interface, web-based tools are a useful alternative.

There are recommended for exploring the APIs:

With these tools you can explore the APIs and the OAuth 2.0 process that is necessary for establishing and managing trust relationships with ORCID users.

XML/XSD verification

There are many tools that will verify your XML for you; it is a good idea to adopt one. For many of the API calls you will be working with XML-formatted information. Particularly when working with the ORCID API Message, it will be important that the XML that you use is valid against the XSD. (See our documentation on GitHub for the ORCID message schema XSD.)

ORCID sandbox testing server

The sandbox testing server is a copy of the ORCID Registry software, and nly contains testing data. It was designed to provide a place to try things out without affecting any real ORCID iDs, particularly if you are working with the ORCID API and need a place to test your work You can create user accounts and test out API calls on the sandbox without needing to worry about affecting production data or accidentally spamming researchers. 

You do not even need to be an ORCID member to try out the member API in the sandbox. All are welcome to request sandbox member API credentials and try out the full features available to the member API.

The site and APIs will not be as reliable as they are for the production servers. We make no guarantees about data on the sandbox; they are not backed up and may be deleted. The sandbox may also contain some experimental functionality that is not yet on the production servers so you can try things out before they exist in the Registry. Learn more about the sandbox testing server or request client credentials.

HTTP tools

There are many tools available to run HTTP requests. Some we use: