ORCID API Documentation

ORCID offers several APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow your systems to connect to the ORCID registry, including reading from and writing to ORCID records. Some API functions are freely available to anyone; others are available to organizations that financially support ORCID with an annual membership subscription.

API TYPES & Features

API Type Access Features

Freely available to anyone

Get Started with the Public API

  • Get authenticated ORCID iDs from users
  • Search/retrieve public data
    ORCID iDs & data made public by iD holders
  • Facilitate the creation of ORCID iDs 
  • Community Support from the ORCID API Users Group


ORCID member organizations who subscribe at the Basic or Premium level

(Sandbox test environment freely available to anyone)

Get Started with the Member API

Interested in becoming and ORCID member? Learn more about membership

All Public API Features, plus:

  • Search/retrieve "limited-access" data
    Subject to iD holder permissions
  • Add to/update ORCID records
    Subject to iD holder permissions
  • Register webhooks
    Premium members only
  • Email/Webinar Support from the ORCID Community Engagement and Support Team