About the public API

ORCID offers a public API that allows organizations that are not ORCID members to connect their systems and applications to the ORCID registry with machine-to-machine communications.

The public API can be used for the following functions:

The member API offers additional functions, such as the ability to add information to ORCID records. See our API chart to learn the differences between the public and Member APIs, or see our API introduction to learn more about the ORCID APIs.

Using the public API

Using the public API does not require Public API credentials, but they are strongly encouraged and may be required in the future. For consistency between Public and Member APIs all examples will show API calls using client credentials.

Public API credentials consist of a client ID and a client secret – your API user name and password. Anyone with an ORCID iD can obtain public API credentials for their application. Learn how to get them at our Knowleldge Base. Note: Public API credentials are tied to an individual’s ORCID record and cannot be transferred to another person or to an organization.

Getting help with the public API

The public API is offered as a free service, and personalized support is not available. For help using the Public API we offer:

ORCID members are eligible for email and teleconference support. Learn more about ORCID membership.

Who's using the public API?

Some examples of organizations using the public API:

Use the public API and want to be listed? Let us know!