API News & Updates

Verified email address now required to edit records in the UI

We announced to members and users in late March that a verified email address will be required to access all the features on the user interface of ORCID records. The requirement went live on April 20, 2017.

API version 2.0_rc3 released

API version 2.0_rc3 is now available for testing on production and sandbox (it was previously available on sandbox, but a few changes have been made since then).  With rc3, members are able to bulk post up to 100 works with one call. We request that all members interested in bulk loading works test on the sandbox first to ensure any issues with load on the API are discovered there, rather than on production.

Https required for version 2.0

As of April 13th any members using the 2.0 release candidate schema will be required to use https in calls to the ORCID API. In calls to post to, put to, or read ORCID records the URL must start with https. For example when reading the activities on a record the URL is https://api.orcid.org/v2.0_rc1/0000-0001-5109-3700/activities. This applies to both the member and public API.

Updates to identifiers for activities

We wanted to let you know about changes we’re making to the identifier field in the works and funding section of the ORCID schema version 2.0_rc1. This change does not impact existing integrations using schema version 1.2.