ORCID and Research Organizations

ORCID can help research organizations and professional associations to accurately and easily identify and connect researchers, scholars, and innovators with their professional activities and affiliations, by embedding iDs in your systems, such as personnel and membership databases, identity management systems, institutional repositories, and research information systems.

Importantly, by using ORCID in your system(s), you can play your part in building a trusted research infrastructure by asserting the connection between researchers and scholars and their affiliation with your organization:

  • Collecting validated ORCID iDs for your employees, members, affiliates, and students to ensure associations with the preferred name (and organization identifier) of your institution and to enable cross-system tracking and analysis
  • Displaying iDs to signal to your employees and affiliates that your information systems are plumbed to support their use of ORCID
  • Connecting information about their affiliation – and, if applicable, contributions – to your researchers' ORCID records, making it easy for them to share this trusted information with other systems and profiles they use
  • Synchronizing information between ORCID records and your systems to improve reporting accuracy and speed

Learn how to Collect & Connect ORCID iDs in research organization workflows


A successful integration takes more than just technical know-how. Communication with researchers and other stakeholders is key to gaining support.

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