ORCID-enabled Systems

Many software vendors offer built-in support for ORCID in their current research information (CRIS), funding, repository, and publishing system products. These systems enable your organization to provide your own API credentials to collect authenticated ORCID iDs, and, in some cases, connect data from your system to ORCID records. Supported ORCID features and configuration steps vary by system, and ORCID membership is required in order to use ORCID features in some systems.

To find out whether a tool that you’re using or considering includes built-in ORCID support, see our lists of third-party systems:

Does my system support ORCID?

There are a number of third-party systems which support ORCID iDs in their workflows, but do not meet our requirements to provide support for an organization to supply and use their own API credentials, and/or do not collect validated ORCID iDs.

Technical support for third-party systems

Please keep in mind that the ORCID features in these systems are developed by the software vendors that offer these products. Since the code and documentation for many of these systems are proprietary, ORCID is not able to provide support for third-party systems. If you have questions about the ORCID features of a particular system, please contact the technical support or customer service team for that system.