Updates to identifiers for activities

We wanted to let you know about changes we’re making to the identifier field in the works and funding section of the ORCID schema version 2.0_rc1. This change does not impact existing integrations using schema version 1.2.

We’ve added a new field to the work and funding identifier sections to specify the relationship of the identifier to the object. There are two options,“self” when the identifier refers to the item itself (such as a DOI for a journal article) and “part-of” for when the identifier refers to a larger collection the item is part of (such as an ISBN for a book chapter). This change will correct the error where separate items that were part of the same collection were incorrectly grouped together on a researcher’s record.

This change does not require an update to your integration, unless you are one of the few organizations helping us test version 2.0_rc1. If you are working with 2.0_rc1 (and you will know it if you are!) see below. For everyone else, no changes are necessary but you will see the following updates:

  • In the user interface, there is now an option for the user to select a relationship type of “part-of” or “self” for each work or funding identifier.
  • In the user interface, there is now an option for the user to enter a custom URL for the identifier
  • Work or funding identifiers with a relationship of “part-of” will not be used to group items
  • All new identifiers added to the registry with 1.2, as well as all previously-added items, will have a relationship “part-of” or “self” assigned automatically. The relationship field, however, is only visible in the UI and in version 2.0_rc1 of the API (not in API v1.2)
  • For identifiers added without a relationship specified, the relationship will be set to “self,” unless the identifier type is ISSN and the work type is Journal Article OR the identifier type is ISBN and the work type is Book-Chapter. In those cases the relationship will be set to “part-of”.

This change is now available for testing on sandbox, but again, this will not affect existing integrations. If you encounter any issues on sandbox, or have any other reason we should not push this to production please let us know.

2.0_rc1 note

If you are working with version 2.0_rc1 you will see the fields <common:relationship> and <common:external-identifier-

url> returned when reading works and funding items. When adding a work of funding you must specify <common:relationship>. See the schema and XML examples for more information about this update at https://github.com/ORCID/ORCID-Source/tree/master/orcid-model/src/main/resources/record_2.0_rc1.

An additional change to note in the 2.0_rc1 schema is the change of SOURCE_WORK_ID to source-work-id for works.