Integration points

Integration point: Create ORCID records on demand

Organizations looking to promote ORCID adoption among their faculty, researchers, students, or others can help them create ORCID records by setting up a facilitated create on demand process.

Create on demand is a flexible option that allows your users to create a new record whenever they wish. At the same time, your organization can explicitly request permission to read or update their records, if needed. Users who already have an ORCID iD can use the same process to connect their existing iD to your system and grant your system access to their record.

Integration point: ORCID as a sign-in option in your system

Enabling users to register or sign into your system using their ORCID credentials can save them time and effort; they don’t have to keep track of multiple usernames and passwords, and you immediately obtain an authenticated ORCID iD. At the same time, you can request permission to read or update their ORCID record.

ORCID sign-in is similar to social sign-in, for example sign-in using Google or Facebook, as offered on ORCID and other websites. ORCID sign-in is controlled only with a username and password, or with linked alternate sign-in credentials. Multi-factor authentication is not supported at this time, and we do not provide notification services in the event of credential misuse at present. So ORCID sign-in may not be appropriate if you require stronger authentication, or specific information such as an email address, affiliation, or role.

Integration point: Enable users to sign into ORCID using your institution's account

Your researchers typically have many sets of sign-in credentials, for their institution, personal accounts, and more. Managing them all can be cumbersome, but ORCID makes it easier by enabling your researchers to sign into the ORCID Registry with credentials that they already use. Researchers can still sign into the ORCID Registry with their ORCID username and password, or they can use their institutional credentials or accounts with Google or Facebook.

Already have an integration with the ORCID Registry and qualify for institutional sign-in? You can join our early adopter program for Institutional Connect, a new process to enable your researchers sign into ORCID using their institutional accounts and then immediately your system permission to read and update their ORCID record. Contact us for more information.

Integration point: Institutional Connect via IdP

We invite you to work with ORCID on an early adopter program to test the feasibility of coupling institutional sign-in with affiliation assertions.

To participate in the Institutional Connect via IdP, your institution must qualify for institutional sign-in and have already built, tested, and released an ORCID integration using the ORCID Member API. We recommend using your institution’s directory, human resources management, profile or other system which can serve as the source of proof for researcher affiliations. You can adapt the process with other system workflows to assert researchers’ affiliations. Interested? Let us know!